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OK, so here’s the webpage for my boat.  In July of 2007, me and one of my best friends Al, bought an Allied Seawind II – a 32 foot fiberglass ketch that was built in 1979.  I’ve named her Uisge Beatha, a nice Gaelic name that means ‘water of life’.  For those of you that enjoy a wee dram from time to time, you’ll understand the true meaning.  She’s old and a touch on the temperamental side, so I’m using this site to illustrate the steps we’re taking to bring her back up to top form.  I’ve had tons of help from the Seawind II owner’s group, which is an absolute treasure trove of experience and helpful information. I’ll put together a list of the *minor* work we’ve done so far, but I’ve set up this site as a place to post progress on the projects I’m working on (rotted bulkheads and tabs we’re replacing due to leaking chainplates, new head, new holding tank, blisters, etc).  More to follow…


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    • They get auto-created by the Google Photos app on Android when I take multi-shots. I don’t see any reason you couldn’t upload your own photos from any phone/camera to the online site and do the same. It just has to be multiple shots or Burst Mode.

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